The Great Commission For Women and Children

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About Us

group of volunteerThe Great Commission for Children and Women Inc. (TGCWC) is a non profit organization that operates from a Christian base to reach widows and orphans to bring meaningful changes to their lives. The Great Commission For Women and Children is a local, non-profit organization that supports the basic needs of the less privileged in Tanzania. We are championing for the provision of good education, permanent shelters, and sustainable feeding and livelihood programs for the women and children who are highly in need of our support.

Incurable diseases, accidents, natural calamities and economic challenges left children and women without resources. Our Lord Jesus Christ has given a vision and burden to pastor Nicholas Chove to work with others who have the heart to help look after widow and orphans in their distress as outlined in Mathew 25:10 and James 1:27.
TGCWC will unite people with heart to serve. The organization will function as a bridge between sponsors, widows and orphans.

We have started our programs a couple of years ago and take pride in building orphanages and centers that are now in operation to secure and educate little children. We are still looking forward to doing more projects in the future that will help these communities become self-sufficient to sustainably support themselves.

We know that we just have to ignite the flame to start and keep their fire burning. Given proper education and the right resources, these families and communities will soon be able to take care of themselves and get out of the penury that they are in. We have made that first move. We need your help to keep on moving. Your donations, volunteer work, and sponsorship will go a long way in reshaping the future of these individuals, especially little children.

Support our cause. Be a volunteer. Make a donation. Call us at 682-552-6402 or 940-465-5195 for more details.

The Great Commission For Women and Children

The Great Commission for Women and Children Inc.

How You Can Help Us

Any form of help from you will be very much appreciated.