The Great Commission For Women and Children

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children asking foodIt is a sad reality but while we are enjoying our sumptuous dinner at home, some children have not even yet eaten for the day. This is true in countries like Tanzania, where the underprivileged get by day by day suffering hunger.

Our hearts cry out for these people that is why we have started feeding programs to provide children and families a temporary relief from their malnourishment. We are also undertaking programs designed to provide sustainable means of living for them so they can afford to fend for themselves in the near future.

We need your help to sustain the feeding and livelihood programs that we have started. Our efforts and desire alone cannot possibly feed more mouths in the next years. But if you partner with us, we can end hunger in Tanzania and change the picture of their future for good. Be a donor today. Call 682-552-6402 / 940-465-5195 to know how and where you can make your donations.

The Great Commission For Women and Children

The Great Commission for Women and Children Inc.

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