The Great Commission For Women and Children

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Future Plans

  • To support local missionaries by providing equipments and finances needed for mission work in the country.
  • To organize mission trips to Tanzania to raise social awareness, visit orphanage centers, organize medical missions, help in missionary schools, and facilitate exchange programs and other projects.
  • To establish and support Christian schools.
  • To establish and support local hospitals, health care centers and rehabilitation centers for the poor.
  • To initiate and support projects that further the Gospel of Jesus Christ by contributing to the physical, mental, educational, and spiritual wellbeing of orphans, poor and disadvantaged children.
  • To set up facilities for retired ministers.
  • To expand to other parts of East Africa and beyond in order to minister to other population with similar needs.
The Great Commission For Women and Children

The Great Commission for Women and Children Inc.

How You Can Help Us

Any form of help from you will be very much appreciated.