The Great Commission For Women and Children

For more information, give us a call: 682-552-6402 | 940-465-5195


Our projects here in The Great Commission For Women And Children are all geared towards providing immediate relief, leading to permanent solutions. We understand the need for both urgency and sustainability in communities and countries Cameron Erving Authentic Jersey like Tanzania. We prioritize projects which are needed “now” and will hopefully ripple permanent effects in the future.

Through The Great Commission For Women and Children, you can also have the opportunity of contributing to our Goats Project. This project benefits so many underprivileged families in the rural areas.

Aside from the Goats Project, we also have other current projects which include:
group of children asking foods

  • building children centers and orphanages
  • organizing feeding programs
  • basic education for children
  • livelihood programs for the women
  • clean water programs for communities

These things are what they need now. When they are provided with the basic, they are more capable of providing their higher-level needs in the future. When that comes, we will still be there to support them.

We are appealing for your generous support, as well. If you want to finance or take part of our projects and programs, do connect with us soon by calling us at 682-552-6402 or 940-465-5195.

The Great Commission For Women and Children

The Great Commission for Women and Children Inc.

How You Can Help Us

Any form of help from you will be very much appreciated.