The Great Commission For Women and Children

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family outside there homeThe Great Commission For Women And Children has started our 1st Centre in Manyara Tanzania, the area is bordered by L. Manyara to the west, L Manyara National Parl to the North, Tarangire National Park to the East and L. Burunge to the South. Up to now, our work has not stopped as we see that there are still a lot of communities in need of shelter all over the country.

Our goal is not just to provide protection and a roof over their head. Our objective is to provide them the hope that they need to change their lives and reshape the future of their children. To do this, they need to gain self-respect and dignity. They cannot find these outdoors. But in a safe and secure home, they can start seeing themselves in a different perspective, and hopefully strive to make that change come out in the kind of life that they live and provide for their families.

We hope you can help us build more homes and change more lives for Tanzania. If you want to be a volunteer worker, or want to give financial aid, do not hesitate to contact us by calling 682-552-6402 or 940-465-5195 today.

The Great Commission For Women and Children

The Great Commission for Women and Children Inc.

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