The Great Commission For Women and Children

For more information, give us a call: 682-552-6402 | 940-465-5195


people washing handsWe understand how water is such an elemental need of every individual and household. But the children and families in Tanzania do not only suffer from hunger but also in thirst and epidemics brought about by the lack of clean water in their communities.

The Great Commission For Women And Children is helping communities today by providing mobilization operations where we transport Clean Drinking water for underprivileged kids at the center. We are looking out for people who can help us now. We need to provide an immediate supply of clean water which is a daily necessity for the communities we serve.

If you find it in your heart to take part in this very noble cause, do let us know of your planned donations or support by calling 682-552-6402 or 940-465-5195 today.

The Great Commission For Women and Children

The Great Commission for Women and Children Inc.

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Any form of help from you will be very much appreciated.